New Optical Velocity Electronics Lab New Optical Velocity Electronics Lab

Non-object Manipulation

ARX #791

In this experiment, shell variant B3 of #2637u5 was subjected to physical probing via mechanical armature. The contact and resultant manipulation illuminated novel mechanical properties. The rotation of the cleaved inner layers reacts sinusoidally in relationship to the outward manipulated body. Furthermore, audio emissions were observed during physical interaction, and for a short period thereafter research staff noted a perceived feeling of empathy.

Illuminated Velocity

ARX #746

The classic swinging pendulum experiment was applied to material #2637u5 to decouple the luminous properties driven by physical collisions from those occurring due to accelerations. In this experiment, a velocity profile as a function of angular position exists due to gravitational acceleration, confirming the existence of a velocity driven threshold for luminosity.

Light From Non-Objects

ARX #732

Applying material #2637u5 to Supershape [5e], multiple experiments have confirmed that a change in velocity results in a proportional change in the object’s luminosity. Measurements also confirm that collisions of physical surfaces, beginning at threshold velocities of 0.00056 m/s, produce both visual and audial feedback emitted into the environment from unknown sources.